ARCHAEOLOGISTS are investigating an historic site of Roman remains in Trowbridge that is being described as potentially of 'national' significance.

The site's exact location is being kept secret for fear it may be desecrated by treasure hunters and unscrupulous metal detectorists.

Cllr Glyn Bridges, who revealed some details at a Trowbridge Town Council Museum Committee meeting on Tuesday March 30, said: "There is mounting evidence of an archaeological find in the immediate vicinity.

"This has been described as being potentially of national importance.

"The evidence comprises of parch-mark photos, earthworks, magnetometry and LIDAR images.

"There is every indication that a hitherto unknown settlement is on our doorstep."Historic England have mandated that a full survey should take place to verify the presence of the suspected finds.

"A local archaeologist with a proven track record in finding these sorts of sites has prepared an illustrative map which has been shared with Historic England to direct their survey."

"We have been asked not to publicise the whereabouts of the site for protection from detectorists and treasure hunters, but hopefully in the coming weeks we can begin to let this into the public domain."