Vandals have ripped apart the treasured home of a ‘tree family’ in Devizes.

The spot, in Drews Pond Woods, had been a draw for young children and families.

Emily Joyce was walking through the woods when she noticed that the toys had been torn out of the tree and pulled apart.

The ‘tree family’ had included initially a Barbie doll. A Ken doll, toy baby and then a toy monkey then joined her.

A small door at the foot of the tree had allowed children to peek inside and look at the family.

Wiltshire Times:

Emily, who has gathered the broken pieces together, said kids “loved opening the door to see what happened next” and that some pieces of the toys were still missing.

The wooden door had also been kicked in.

The little doors – also known as fairy doors – sprung up across woodlands and parks during lockdown, as a way for children to enjoy something different on their daily exercise.

Across social media, people have condoned the vandalism and described it as "unbelievable" and "disgusting."