RESIDENTS in Bradford on Avon have complained about the removal of one of the dog waste bins in Moulton Drive which has not been replaced.

Clive O'Neill said some weeks ago he had reported the bin's removal to Wiltshire Council who said it was the town council's responsibility.

He said: "There is another bin further down Moulton Drive which now gets filled very quickly with people leaving bags on the ground.

"I know there are other bins down on the canal towpath but there are elderly dog walkers who cannot negotiate the steep steps to them. There are also those with elderly dogs having the same problem.

"Could the town council confirm that they are responsible for these bins, or are Wiltshire passing the buck?

Wiltshire and town councillor Sarah Gibson said: "I have requested that they empty these more often until the areas are transferred to the town council.

"I have also contacted the Canal Trust to see if those on the edge of the canal itself are their responsibility."