The follow planning applications have been decided by Wiltshire Council, recently:

Bishopstrow: Permission has been given to cut down 14 adler trees at The Dairy House on 14 Pit Mead Lane.

Rushall: Sophie Merrylees of The Old Rectory in Church Lane has won planning permission to build a ground level swimming pool with a built-in pool cover in the rear of her garden.

Greenhill: Planning permission has been awarded to Make Wakefield of Hilldrop Farm to build a new livestock building for housing beef cattle in the winter.

Devizes: Barry Mercer of 3 Charter Close has been given the green light to build a single-storey rear extension replacing an existing conservatory.

Hook: Ben Aslam of 19 Dianmer Close in Hook had sought planning permission to build three two-storey, four bedroom houses at Double Dutch, 18 Dianmer Close. Dr Aslam’s bid has since been refused by the county’s planning officers.

One of the main reasons for refusal was that the bid, according to the officers, was outside of any build form of a small village and would expand Hook into the open countryside and does not meet the needs of the village. They added that the bid would result in cramped development and would lead to the overdevelopment and urbanisation of the countryside.

They continued: “Due to its density, layout and relationship with the adjacent land uses, the amenity achievable within the site itself for future occupants would be of a poor standard and would result in harm to neighbouring amenities through disturbance from noise and light intrusion arising from vehicular movements along the new access.

“The proposal, located remote from a range of services, employment opportunities and not convenient to public transport, is contrary to the key aims of local and national sustainable transport policy guidance which seeks to reduce growth in the length and number of motorised journeys.”

Marlborough: St Johns School at Graham Hill has won planning permission to build new outside courts, and a four court sports hall with changing room facilities.

Hilperton: A change of use bid for land south of the Old Rectory in Whaddon Lane has been withdrawn by the applicant. The bid would have seen the land hold eight shipping containers for storage.

Melksham: Outline plans to build up to 50 houses on land west of Semington Road have been quashed by the council. Similar plans by Terra Strategic have been rejected four times previously. Melksham Without Parish Council objected to the plans saying that it would erode the rural buffer between Berryfield and Melksham town.

The parish council also raised concerns over the access creating more congestion in the area, highways safety and the lack of available public transport in the area. These concerns were echoed by Melksham Town Council, but added: “No consultation with the Canal Trust and no contribution to the construction costs of the Melksham Link of the Wilts and Berks Canal.”

Wiltshire Council’s education team said a holding objection was in place until S106 cash was distributed to the local schools “as there is currently no capacity to accommodate the number generated for these education levels.”

Ultimately, planning officers knocked back the bid saying that it conflicted with the local authority’s plan-led approach.

“The proposal would create a large block of housing isolated from other development by surrounding fields.

“The proposal does not provide for the delivery of the necessary infrastructure (e.g. affordable housing, education provision, highways contributions and open space) required to mitigate the direct impacts of the development.”

Hullavington: Paul and Rebecca Rose have won planning permission to build a two-storey side extension to replace an existing conservatory at Chapel Cottage, 1 Newtown.

Ogbourne St George: Jess Green of Brockfield House has been given planning permission to convert an agricultural barn into a games room.

Edington: A bid to remove an outbuilding at land at Greater Lane Farm in Westbury Road, has been withdrawn. Once demolished, the applicant had sought to build three houses with parking, amenity space and a cartshed.

Ramsbury: Permission to build a single-storey rear extension after an existing conservatory is demolished.