RESIDENTS in Warminster are being urged to support a local charity that aims to launch a community fridge.

Warminster Action Group has no financial support to continue running, unlike bigger local charities.

Group spokeswoman Annie Davis said: "We want to continue our work in Warminster and support the community. To do that we need your help.

"We support the whole community and have been doing so for the last year.

"We want to move forward over the next year growing our Check & Chat service, which addresses loneliness within our community. "We also plan to open a community fridge and larder which will be available for the whole community.

"A community fridge is a space where local residents can share and access surplus food, including donations from local food businesses and supermarkets.

"We are trying to help families that are struggling with the cost of school uniforms by running a donate and swap shop.

"Please consider us, we are 100 per cent local and fully run by volunteers so you can be assured everything donated would go straight into helping the people of Warminster."

To support Warminster Action Group, please call Annie Davis on 01985 250081 or go to the not-for-profit charity's website at