SCHOOLS, artists, sculptors and photographers across Trowbridge are to help celebrate World Environment Day on Saturday, June 5 by highlighting human influence on climate change and its impact on wildlife and biodiversity.

Up to 25 are taking part in the Windows on Nature art trail, which is running in Trowbridge from June 5 to September 1.

Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce and event sponsor MHA Monahans invited talented local artists and schools to display artwork on the theme of biodiversity and climate change for the wildlife-themed public art event.

The trail will feature paintings, sculptures and photography on the theme of nature and climate change, displayed in empty Trowbridge shop windows.

Event producer Megan Witty, who also organised the Pigs, Lions and Owls of Bath sculpture trails, said: “The aim of the trail is to provide a fun activity for visitors and residents of all ages, bring stunning wildlife art to the streets of Trowbridge, fill empty shops, raise awareness of the plight of nature and highlight how we can reduce our environmental impact on the planet.

“There is a stunning range of artwork on display and free trail maps will lead art and nature fans on a wildlife safari around Trowbridge town centre.

“We hope the trail will raise awareness of the rapid decline of some of our most beloved wildlife species and would like to thank Trowbridge Town Council and MHA Monahans for their support of the project.

Free Windows on Nature trail maps will be available from town centre outlets, which will lead visitors and residents of all ages on an artistic safari across the country town of Wiltshire.

The eye-catching wildlife artwork has been created by 25 local artists and includes a supersized rhino painting by BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Tanya Achilleos Lock, a giant painted hare sculpture and treasure hunt book illustrations by artist Joanna May, stunning photographs of endangered wildlife by leading Wiltshire photographers.

There are also recycled metal sculptures of dung beetles by award-winning sculptor Fiona Campbell, metre high glass butterflies by artist Phaedra Politis, papier-mâché animals by the Trowbridge Pocket Picassos,

Children from The Mead Academy Trust have created a Wiltshire grassland scene featuring endangered animals and Trowbridge graffiti artist Tom Miller has painted a seven-metre high mural on the theme of climate change.

QR codes in the art trail windows will link to local wildlife charities, including the Bath-based Rainforest Concern and the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

A one-metre model, Tomas the Toucan, will be landing in a different shop each week and the first person to post a photo of him in his new location with the hashtag #trowbridgetoucan will win a chocolate animal goodie bag.

In addition to the main art trail, more than 30 local businesses will be featuring a nature theme in their shop windows, including tree saplings donated by the Chamber of Commerce for planting later in the year.

Ms Witty added: “As Britain is hosting the International Climate Change Conference (COP-26) in November, over a quarter of British mammals are at risk of extinction and 80 per cent of our most popular birds are in decline.

“A big thank you to the 25 talented artists, sculptors, photographers and schools for their amazing artwork and make sure you keep an eye out for Tomas the Toucan for the chance to win prizes.”

To download a trail map from June 4 and for further information about the trail see