A WILTSHIRE businessman is calling for a comprehensive town centre regeneration plan for Warminster.

Management consultant Anthony Shoult has urged the newly-elected Warminster Town Council to prepare and publish the plan by no later than December.

Last October, Mr Shoult delivered a 19-page petition to Wiltshire Council calling for traffic improvements to Silver Street where he lives.

He says the regeneration plan should include traffic improvements to Silver Street and added: "In the meantime, it is suggested that bi-monthly updates as to its progress be posted online.

"It is also suggested that a committee of town centre residents should be formed for liaison with the town council in respect of development and implementation of the proposed plan without further delay.

"I am prepared to become a member of a town centre resident’s committee in response to an appropriate initiative by the town council."

Mr Shoult has long called for improvements to Silver Street and the town centre.

Wiltshire Council has already told Mr Shoult that it does not think further improvements are necessary in Silver Street.

He wants the town council and Wiltshire Council to reduce the speed of traffic travelling through the town centre with a 20 mph speed limit from Warminster School through The Obelisk to the Post Office roundabout.

Mr Shoult is also calling on the councils to reduce the number of heavy vehicles travelling through the town centre by ensuring the effective enforcement of existing weight restrictions.

He wants to improve pavements to make them safer for pedestrians by footway widening and the installation of pavement posts where necessary.

Mr Shoult also called for traffic calming measures, where urgently required, to slow traffic and protect pedestrians.

He says the councils should develop a strategy to attract good quality retail to the town centre in part to take over unsightly empty retail premises while encouraging existing shop owners to properly maintain their properties.

He also wants the town council to re-establish a full weekly market day and bring forward proposals to regenerate the antiques quarter.

Mr Shoult says the councils should provide incentives for existing hospitality outlets to create pavement facilities for the enjoyment of residents and visitors and to improve the general environment of the town centre.

He also wants them to establish processes and procedures for the monitoring and preservation of Warminster's historic town centre buildings for the benefit of future generations.