WESTBURY: Samuel Joseph Gibbons, 22, of Gibbs Close, was fined £346 and ordered to pay £90 costs and £36 to victim services after pleading guilty to speeding in a 50mph limit on the A36 at Deptford, Wylye, on July 18 2020. His driving licence was endorsed with six points.

CALNE: Daniel Ben Clarke, 23, of Grouse Road, was fined £440 and told to pay £90 costs and £44 to victim services after pleading guilty to speeding in a 60mph limit on the A4 at Marlborough on July 1 2020. His driving licence was endorsed with six points.

MELKSHAM: Oliver William Broome, 29, formerly of Kingsbury Square, was charged with damaging a window at Kingsbury Square Hostel in Melksham on April 16 and assaulting a police officer on the same date. No plea has yet been indicated.

ALDBOURNE: Dylan Ray Brown, 19, of Claridge Close, was charged with attempting to incite a female aged 17 to engage in a sexual activity between January 16 and January 30 2019 in Swindon. No plea has yet been indicated.

DEVIZES: Gary James Smith, 28, of Hambleton Avenue, has been charged with driving a vehicle while unfit through drugs on the A361 at Swindon on August 27 2020. No plea has been indicated.

TROWBRIDGE: Jonathan James Grimes, 46, of Studley Rise, was convicted on May 24 of a drug-driving offence on Canal Road, Trowbridge, on May 23 2020. He had pleaded not guilty. He is awaiting sentence.

CALNE: Jason Oakes, 37, of Briar Leaze, Compton Bassett, was charged with being in charge of a Border Terrier dog that was dangerously out of control and injured a man in Royal Wootton Bassett on December 4 2020. No plea was indicated.

GREAT BEDWYN: Dorcas Obeney, 36, of Castle Road, was charged with failing to self-isolate by permitting people to enter her home on October 4 2020 after returning home from Ghana on September 28 2020. No plea was indicated.

WARMINSTER: Dawid Konrad Sikorski, 34, of Anchor Court, pleaded not guilty to driving without due care and attention and failing to stop after an accident involving a Toyota Hilux in Lidl car park, Station Road, Warminster, on November 2 2019.

CHIPPENHAM: Lucy Marie Sweeton, 47, of The Green, pleaded not guilty being in charge of a vehicle and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis after being stopped by police at Chippenham on February 28 2020.

PURTON: Bhawna Bhutani, 31, of Moses Mead, was charged with dishonestly abusing her position as head of finance of a company in Swindon between July 15 2019 and February 12 2020 by using her access to its accounts to purchase goods for herself with no connection to its business affairs intending to make a gain of £2,021.19 worth of goods.

TROWBRIDGE: Dafydd Bargery, 36, of Jenkins Street, has had his case adjourned for pre-sentence reports. He was convicted of the following offences after pleading not guilty: two assaults, being drunk and disorderly, and using abusive, threatening and insulting words or behaviour, all on July 31 2020. He pleaded guilty to damaging a cell while in policy custody at Melksham on August 1 2020.

TROWBRIDGE: Keevor Sheridan Stacey-Brown, 51, of Church Street, pleaded not guilty to four driving offences linked to an incident in Roundstone Street, Trowbridge, on October 14 2019. They were driving a vehicle having consumed excess alcohol, driving while disqualified, driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence and driving without insurance.

WARMINSTER: Jonathan Daniel Watts, 46, of Vicarage Street, pleaded guilty to leaving abusive and grossly offensive messages for a woman in Warminster on October 19 2020 for the purposes of causing distress. His case was adjourned for pre-sentence reports.

MELKSHAM: Kalvin Bole, 26, of Gladstone Road, was charged with three offences of common assault, criminal damage and drink-driving, all on February 18. No plea was indicated.

PEWSEY: Jack Joyce, 26, of Goddard Road, was charged with two offences of pursuing a course of conduct which amounted to harassment against two people by sending text messages and making phone calls between November 30 and December 5 2020. No plea was indicated.