REPAIRS to the three-story listed home of Warminster School's headmaster, which was badly damaged by fire in the summer, could soon be underway.

An application for listed building consent has been made to repair the roof and frontage of Byne House, in Church Street, after the building was devastated by a blaze on Monday July 30.

Much of the home, which was built in 1755, was left in ruins following an incident in which more than 50 firefighters from across the county attended.

If consent is granted by West Wiltshire District Council it would see fire damaged interiors replaced, as well as repairs to the roof and frontage.

Building work would also see alterations to part of the first floor and a second floor bathroom destroyed to form an ensuite.

Martin Priestley, the headmaster of Warminster School since 2006, has had to live in rented accommodation since his residential home went up in flames.

Speaking in September, Mr Priestley said repairs were likely to run in to millions but he was certain it would be returned to its former glory.

In September he said: "It is very sad because it is a wonderful building. The whole of the roof has now gone on one side and there is a lot of smoke, fire and of course water damage. But by far the most important thing is that nobody was injured. It could have been much worse.

"It was beautiful before; just one of the most lovely properties in the town I would have thought. They'll get it back though."

Mr Priestley and his wife were away on holiday in Scotland with their three dogs Holly, Twiglet and Paddy when they received a call at 7.30am, the day the fire broke out.

A flat for other school staff was severely damaged while two people who were in the flat at the time the fire broke out were able to escape to safety.

The fire investigation group manager, Ian Rennie, said the cause of the fire is likely to be accidental, although investigations are ongoing.