Controversial plans for an incinerator in Westbury will go before Wiltshire Council later this month.

Northacre Renewable Energy Limited (NREL) the firm behind the bid had put in planning permission to change already approved plans for a gasification plant at the Westbury site.

Now a new planning bid has been submitted with NREL seeking to change the £200m facility into a “moving grate combustion” plant.

Strategic Planning will meet to discuss the incinerator on Tuesday, June 22 in County Hall – the meeting will also be live-streamed.

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Cabinet member for strategic planning, Nick Botterill said the meeting was slated for earlier in the month but was delayed to ensure interested parties can watch the high public profile bid discussion.

“Both sides of the discussion will be given the opportunity to have their say and present their arguments in accordance with procedure, with pre-arranged speakers attending the event,” added Cllr Botterill.

“Representatives of the most affected parish councils, including Westbury Town Council, will also be given the opportunity to have their say in person at the meeting.”

Alongside the planning bid, NREL applied to the Environment Agency (EA) for an Environmental Permit to operate the facility.

After consulting with the public, an NREL spokesman said: “The Environmental Permit process is still in progress and the EA have issued NREL with a Schedule 5 Notice for Additional Information. We are working closely with the EA to provide this information as part of the determination process.

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“Whilst concerns over air quality, emissions and pollution control have been raised by local residents, a landmark UK-wide study commissioned by Public Health England and the Scottish Government found “no conclusive links to health effects from waste incinerators”.

“In addition, NREL has confirmed that emissions from the facility would be tightly regulated and limits set by the Environmental Permit. These limits, which were already extremely stringent, have been recently tightened further.

“Emissions will be monitored 24-hours a day and the data will be submitted to the EA as well as being made publicly available.”

NREL has faced continued opposition from residents and campaign groups over the incinerator plans.