STREET artist Tom Miller has won praise from passers-by and visitors to the Windows on Nature Art Trail in Trowbridge for his stunning mural next to the former Bowyers factory site.

Tom, whose street art name is Miller, spent 30 hours over three days creating the colourful mural for the arts trail, which began on Saturday and lasts until September 1.

One visitor said: "I had a wander around some of the 'Windows on Nature' Art Trail today.

"By far the most impressive work is Tom Miller's street art mural by the long-derelict Innox Mills site."

Mr Miller, 28 of Halfway Close, Hilperton, said: “I’ve had a fantastic response. I’ve had a ridiculous amount of interest to be honest.

“It seems like I’ve had virtually the whole of Trowbridge stopping by. It was an amazing response.”

He’s also landed some commissions on the back of the work on the mural. People have asked him to paint a portrait, interior walls, cars, a lorry and even a kebab van.

Miller is currently working on paintings for an exhibition at Trowbridge Town Hall from July 10 to August 21.

The former pupil of St John’s Primary School and St Augustine’s Catholic College in Trowbridge started painting at the age of 15 after becoming inspired by the likes of Roger Dean and Greg "Craola" Simkins.

He studied at Wiltshire College & University Centre in Trowbridge before graduating five years ago from the University of the West of England in Bristol where he studied drawing and applied arts.

Miller’s work primarily consists of mixed media paintings, constantly interchanging between acrylics, oils, inks, collage and spray paint.

He uses these media to craft scenes and depictions of his envisioned version of life, transforming reality using reference from photos, sculpture and life to help create his world.

To see more of his work, go to