INDEPENDENT financial adviser Daniel Wiltshire, of Wiltshire Wealth, has opened new offices in Silver Street, Bradford on Avon.

They were opened by the town's former mayor Cllr Simon McNeill-Ritchie who said he was "delighted" to see another business open in Bradford on Avon.

He said it underlines the attractive opportunities that the town provides for new and existing businesses post- lockdown.

Wiltshire Wealth’s founder Daniel Wiltshire is looking forward to supporting his local community in Bradford on Avon, where he lives with his young family.

Mr Wiltshire said: “Whilst many other high streets are in decline, Bradford on Avon has a vibrant high street community which I look forward to being a part of.

“In today’s internet age, it’s easy for professionals to be seduced by the idea that we can now reach clients anywhere, without even the need to meet in person.

"But financial advice is a profession - possibly more than any other – where success is built on trust and shared values. Personal relationships are still incredibly important.

"Bradford on Avon is a special place, and I hope that opening the office will allow me to serve the community I live in.”