Melksham Town Council has thanked one brave resident who sprang into action during the King George V blaze.

Verincianu Ovidiu, was presented with a gift certificate by town clerk Linda Roberts this week for dragging the burning picnic table away from the nearby building at the Cricketer’s Pavilion.

A spokesman for the town council said: “Verincianu bravely got hold of the blazing picnic table and dragged it away from the building, preventing what could have been catastrophic damage.

“He explained that he was just doing what anyone would do, but we don't agree.

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“It takes a certain sort of person to launch into a dangerous situation like that without a second thought.”

Mrs Roberts presented Mr Ovidiu with a gift certificate – the cost of which was shared by the owners of the new Cricketer’s Cafe, as well as a thank you card from the town council.

“On behalf of us all at Melksham Town Council and the community at large, thank you again, sir,” they continued. “We salute you.”

When asked about the extent of the damage caused by the fire, a spokesman for the town council said: ”With regards to damage, the whole bench was completely up in flames, a near by multi use recycling bin was partially melted leading us to have to get rid of it, part of the building was damaged and the pavement slabs that the bench were on are slightly damaged.”