Wiltshire Council boss named as the new chair of Countryside Climate Network as the organisation celebrates its first anniversary.

As world leaders meet in Cornwall for the G7 climate talks, Richard Clewer, the leader of Wiltshire Council, has been appointed as the new chairman of the Countryside Climate Network.

The CCN is made up of local leaders from 27 other local authorities across England and exists to amplify “the rural voice as part of our national policy advocacy”.

“I’m delighted to be named the new chair of the Countryside Climate Network, and I look forward to working with colleagues across the country to ensure that rural voices are heard in the fight against climate change,” he said.

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The group represents 45 per cent of England’s land area.

Cllr Clewer added: “Rural areas have different strengths and face different challenges to urban areas.

“The CCN helps by sharing ideas across different rural areas which are making progress on different issues.

“And it is absolutely vital in providing a clear voice to government to highlight our unique challenges and opportunities on the pathway to Net Zero.”