A man accused of possessing images of sex with a cow and a chicken has been in court.

Daniel Lamb, 31, of Mallard Close, Covingham, has denied the charges which see him accused of posessing extreme pornograhic images portraying acts of intercourse and oral sex with animals.

Lamb is alleged to have "possessed an extreme pornographic image which portrayed, in an explicit and realistic way, a person performing an act of intercourse with a live or dead animal, namely a chicken" between April 10 and June 5, 2020. 

A second charge for the same time frame specifies an image with "a person performing oral sex with a live or dead animal, namely a cow."

Swindon Magistrates remanded Lamb on bail to appear again for trial in November. 

He pleaded not guilty to another charge of disclosing private sexual images of a woman without her consent with intent to cause distress and was also remanded on bail.

Lamb however pleaded guilty to a charge of sending threatening text messages to the same woman; the posession of canabis; and criminal damage of a Suzuki car.

These matters were adjourned to 'tie up with other cases.'