DEVELOPERS have launched a planning appeal after Wiltshire Council blocked its bid for 80 houses in Purton.

Last year, Beechcroft Land Ltd. Carole Ann Lindsey, John Webb and Sally Ballard applied for outline planning permission to build up to 79 houses on Purton Road.

In their decision, planning officers said that proposed development was outside the boundary of Purton, in open countryside and was not given up for development in the core strategy.

Wiltshire Times: Purton Road, Purton VIA GOOGLE MAPSPurton Road, Purton VIA GOOGLE MAPS

They added: “The proposal, including the provision of the new access into the site, would result in the urbanisation of this rural site which would result in harm to the local character, appearance and visual amenity of the immediate locality, including those currently enjoyed by pedestrians, cyclists and other users of this part of Old Purton Road and would result in the loss of local landscape features that are currently enjoyed.”

The site, according to the officers, does not make any provisions for affordable housing.

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Wiltshire Council usually demands that developers allocate 40 per cent of residential developments to affordable housing.

However, this can – in some cases – be addressed through section 106 contributions.

The appeal was officially launched on September 1 and anyone wishing to make a comment on the appeal must contact the inspectorate by Friday, October 8.

The appeal hearing is set to begin on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.