A DRUG driver who crashed into two parked cars in Warminster has been banned from the roads for more than two years.

Trevor Davis, 36, of Westleigh, Warminster, appeared at Swindon Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, taking a vehicle without consent and drug driving.

The court heard that on July 26 last year, Davis was driving a blue Seat Leon courtesy car, which he had been ordered to return to the garage but had failed to do so.

He drove to the Tesco Metro in Masefield Road, colliding with the main building and bin store, before going inside the shop.

When he returned to the car, a passer-by pointed out the vehicle had a flat tyre, which Davis acknowledged but still got into the car and drove off.

He then drove over a pavement, narrowly avoiding a lamppost, drove on the wrong side of the road in Brook Street and then collided with two parked cars. A blood test later showed he had cocaine in his system.

Davis was given a 24-week prison sentence, suspended for two years and banned for 28 months. He was also ordered to pay £2,200 compensation, as well as additional court charges totalling £213.

PC Alex Way, from Wiltshire Police’s Roads Policing Unit, said: “Davis’s driving on the day in question was incredibly dangerous, with a number of witnesses expressing concern that they believed he was going to either cause a serious collision or hit a pedestrian.

“Thankfully, nobody was injured, but it is clear that this was down to sheer luck rather than Davis having appropriate and sufficient control over the car he was driving.”

Drug driving is one of the fatal four factors that increase the risk of road users being significantly injured or killed if involved in a road traffic collision.

If you suspect someone of drink or drug driving then please then please call 101 and give as much information as possible, including the driver's details or description and their car registration.

If you believe that a crime is being committed and somebody is already behind the wheel then please call 999.