HOW tall are your sunflowers? Can you beat Sue James who reckons hers are more than 20 feet high?

The green-fingered gardener has grown her plants from a packet of seeds she bought back in March.

"I'm a very keen gardener, and love sunflowers," said Sue, who lives at Little Cumberwell, near Bradford on Avon.

"They are lovely. I've got lots of them and they are really high.

"I grew them from seeds I bought at The Nursery in Hilperton back in March.

"I am having to keep tying them up because they have reached such a great height.

Mrs James, who is 5ft 7 inches, reckons the sunflowers are now more than 20ft tall, although she can't be certain because she can't reach.

"They are more than twice the height of my daughter, who is 6ft tall.

"I love them because I can see them from the house and they smile at me. They have got such nice faces, bright and cheery."

Sue swears that she hasn't used any manure or other kind of fertiliser on the plants, which have grown throughout the summer.

"I have just got green fingers and I love my garden," said the mother of two, who has one grandchild.

If you've got a sunflower that beats Sue's, please email a photo to, with a contact phone number.