A row is developing in Atworth about plans by one resident for a new driveway with a turntable and an electric vehicle charging point.

Residents say the application by the occupant of 8 Fleetwood Rise will impact on the green open space in front of their homes and cut parking spaces in a cul-de-sac.

Richard Schoppler said: "A sneaky application has been made for a driveway and electric charging point.

"If approved, it will have a damaging effect on the lovely green area that many currently enjoy.

"If a driveway from his house is approved, it may well impact negatively on the already problematic parking issues here.

"We need green breathing spaces. This is the antithesis of green.

"This is sneaky because only numbers seven and nine were contacted about the proposal, yet it affects Fleetwood as a whole."

Wiltshire Council is due to decide the application by October 7.