A WILTSHIRE woman who worked in the Secret Spitfire factory in Trowbridge was one of the guests of honour at a screening of the film commemorating their work.

Betty Potter, 98, starred in the film with her twin sister Joan Little, who both worked in the Secret Spitfire factories in Bradley Road.

Sadly, Joan died before she could see the Secret Spitfires DVD or the film being shown on a big screen.

Sally Boyle, of the Starry Eyes Performance Foundation, organised the sold-out screening at Trowbridge Town Hall on Saturday, which was attended 80 people.

She staged the screening to raise more than £640 for Alzheimer's Support to fulfil the dying wish of her friend Andrea Staniforth, who worked for the local charity and worked backstage at the Athenaeum Centre in Warminster.

Mrs Boyle said: "Joan Little sadly passed away before the film was completed and never had the chance to see herself on the DVD let alone the silver screen.

"Joan's daughter, Wendy Johnston who helped me to petition for this film to reach the Odeon in Trowbridge, also attended the event, so I can only imagine how emotional it would have been for her and also for Andrea Staniforth's daughter who came to the event too."

Norman Parker, 95, from Amesbury, was also one of the guests of honour. His interest in the Second World War fighter plane and the history he collected on the Secret Spitfire factories over the years inspired the film, which was directed and produced by Ethem Cetintas and Karl Howman in 2016. Mr Cetintas died in January this year from a brain haemorrhage.

They launched a crowdfunding appeal to raise £6,390 to make the film, with help from the Wiltshire Times and others.

A second screening of Secret Spitfires will take place at 2pm on Saturday, October 16 at the Town Hall for those who did not get to see it on Saturday.

To donate to the Andrea's Last Wish appeal for Alzheimer's Support click here.