A man from Hilperton has been crowned the Wiltshire Chilli Champion following a really hot competition in Westbury.

Tom Staffer took the title following the inaugural Wiltshire Chilli competition in Westbury on Saturday.

The competition was one of the highlights of the Wiltshire ChilliFest with Extra Cheese in Westbury’s High Street.

There was extra cheese on hand to help cool the mouths of those brave (or foolish) enough to take part.

The chilli-eating competition was hosted by UK Chilli Queen Shahina Waseem.

Westbury town councillor Michael Amos said: "I ended up filming the event, rather than taking part.

"It was dreadful. There were ten people taking part and ten rounds, with three taking part in the final.

"The finalists each had to eat five of the hottest chillis, with the winner being the first one to finish them all."

The scorching contest, run by Westbury Town Council, was judged by the experts at Wiltshire Chilli Farm at Whitley, near Melksham.

Loco Chilli provided the seeds for the inaugural competition, which was accompanied by an all-day chilli market.

Hundreds of people attended the event, which kicked off the Westbury Festival, which runs to Saturday, October 9.

Featured themed acts included Tequila Mariachi, the Cley Hill Stompers and hugely popular Bath outfit Jamma de Samba.

Families tucked into foods from around the world while enjoying live music outside Westbury Library.

Children were able to take part in a circus workshop, learn how to draw Day of the Dead Skulls, or watch magician Oz Moses perform tricks live on stage.