THE OLDEST and youngest players in the Mid Wilts Triples Bowls League joined forces on Sunday to play on the same team.

Tom White, 99, from Box Bowls Club, was joined by Alfie Holland, 13, from the Avon Bowls Club in Melksham.

Together with Alfie’s father, Danny Holland, 46, and Josh Mullett, Kevin Mullett and Steve Gedge they formed one of the chairman’s teams for a Gala Day hosted by the Spencer Moulton Bowls Club in Bradford on Avon.

Mr Bartlett said: “Tom is the oldest player in Wiltshire, if not the UK, while Alfie is one of the top eight young players in Wiltshire.

“Alfie is a brilliant youngster and a lovely lad.

“He is one to watch for the future.”

All the games were triples with 18 ends and featured 42 players with one travelling reserve, Ian Francis.

The event also included the Wilson Trophy Final where Spencer Moulton Bowls Club beat Holt Bowls Club 22-10.