What are your neighbours up to? The following are planning applications, decisions and appeals from Wiltshire, recently:

Brokerswood: Plans to build two holiday lets in Brokerswood have been rejected by Wiltshire Council.

Mr and Mrs Clow of Yew Tree House, Brokerswood had bid to build two holiday ecolodges on their property.

But their plans were refused by the council’s western planning committee.

Four reasons were given for the plans going before the planning board, including the visual impact on the area, the plan's relationship with nearby buildings, the design and the environment and highway impacts of the plans.

In the decision notice, planning officers said that because the site was in “open countryside”, is not near any shops or services and does not reuse existing buildings – that it is not acceptable under the council’s planning policies.

The decision notice continued: “The proposed site is located in the open countryside and outside any identified limits of development whereby the proposed siting of two ecolodges to be used for holiday accommodation would constitute an unwarranted and unjustified encroachment of the open countryside, resulting in the loss of a spatial gap between existing buildings and introduce an urbanising effect that would harm the rural character and appearance of the area.”

Monkton Farleigh: A bid to build a replacement house has been rejected by the council. Mr Stone had submitted his bid to build a replacement house for the property at 37 A Monkton Farleigh.

Planning officers, who refused the bid said: “The proposed replacement dwelling, by virtue of its materially larger size and height (when compared to the existing property) and the proposed resisting, would constitute as an inappropriate and harmful form of development in the green belt.”

Trowbridge: Plans to build a new care home have been withdrawn.

Healthcare developer, Montpelier Estates had applied for outline plans to construct the care home on land off Bradford Road in the county town.

The plans featured 80 bedrooms across three floors, of which 24 would be “premium” rooms.

Malmesbury: Plans have been submitted to build three houses in Malmesbury.

Hubb Property Group has submitted plans to build the homes on land at Foxley Road.

Box: A planning appeal has been launched after Wiltshire Council issued an enforcement notice ‘unlawful construction’.

Victor Levine of Henley Court Stables, Henley Lane in Box, near Corsham, was accused by the council of creating a window and putting up a plastic lean-to roof at his property without the proper planning permission.

A spokesman for the council said: “The council considers it expedient to issue this notice having regard to the effect of the works on the character of the building as a building of special architectural or historic interest and the said works are not authorised under part one of the act, no Listed Building Consent having been granted.”

The council ordered Mr Levine to remove the window lintel and wooden window from the building and block the opening with stonework to match the rest of the building, as well as remove the plastic roofing.

Now, Mr Levine has put in a planning appeal to keep his changes.

Marlborough: Plans to build a block of flats on George Lane have been knocked back by planning officers.

Domus Property put in a bid to construct a building with two, two-bed flats.

The planning statement for the proposals said: “It represents a highly sustainable brownfield opportunity within the settlement boundary of Marlborough.”

“To the north west of the site is Figgins Lane and car park which provides direct pedestrian access to the High Street."

But, planning officers declined the plans, citing the position of the proposed block and the impact it would have on 55 George Lane.

Officers added: “The height, depth and proximity of the development to the eastern side boundary would result in a loss of daylight to side-facing windows at the neighbouring property at 57 George Lane, and a loss of privacy that would materially impact on neighbouring residential amenities.”