PLANS for 91 houses in Trowbridge have been unanimously rejected by Wiltshire Council. 

The bid by developer Wainhomes Holdings has previously come under fire from Southview Park residents who raised concerns over the developer using their estate as access for HGV and construction traffic. 

A petition was launched which has since gained nearly 600 signatures.

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At the meeting of the council’s strategic planning committee, one resident blasted the developer for not listening to the concerns of residents and leaving the development unfinished.

They said that construction traffic through the residential area had resulted in the destruction of grassy areas, as well as damage to roads and residents’ cars. 

Speaking against the bid, Trowbridge councillor, Stephen Cooper said if the access via Southview Park was granted it would force residents to live behind their front doors for years to come. 

Wiltshire Times: Southview Park, Sparrow Street VIA GOOGLE MAPSSouthview Park, Sparrow Street VIA GOOGLE MAPS

A spokesman for the developer said that the site was part of the strategic plan for Trowbridge as well as part of the wider Ashton Park allocation. 

They added that in recommending the bid be rejected, that the council was showing an imbalance in decision as a separate bid by developer Persimmon for Ashton Park had been granted. 

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The spokesman concluded that they are aware of the concerns and has put together a traffic management plan to mitigate concerns.

Speaking as the Wiltshire councillor for the area, Daniel Cave that his objection was not to development but to the access route being through a residential area. 

He said Wainhomes has shown a “complete lack of respect for their customers”. 

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“These residents have had to endure years upon years of construction traffic and they were sold that this estate would be a cul-de-sac thus enabling the children to play safely,” Cllr Cave added. 

“If this application is approved the children will be grown up before they can go outside and play or risk losing their lives.

“This is a rare opportunity, please use this opportunity to make it clear to developers that they must listen, not only to residents, but also the council.” 

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During the debate, Cllr Ernie Clark said he believed it was unacceptable that the access for construction traffic would be through a cul-de-sac. 

Cllr Sarah Gibson said that the recommendation by officers to refuse the bid was a “refreshing change” and that it should be impressed upon developers the importance of engaging with communities. 

Chairman, Cllr Howard Greenman, mentioned the lack of a five-year land supply but  that it would be “a mess” if the bid was allowed to happen.

Councillors unanimously voted to reject the bid by Wainhomes.