TROWBRIDGE Town Council may be forced to upgrade the CCTV coverage in the Town Park because of public concerns about anti-social behaviour.

The council is working with Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police to tackle the problem of drug users who leave paraphenalia, including dangerous discarded needles, in the park.

Cllr Stewart Palmen, leader of Trowbridge Town Council, said: "We have set up a working group for the anti-social behaviour in the park.

"They will be looking to work with Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire Police and with our own Neighbourhood Services to improve how people behave in the park.

"Primarily, that is going to involve upgrading our CCTV because the CCTV we have there now is ineffectual."

The council is also working with different agencies to address the causes of drug addiction rather than where it takes place.

The moves follow public concern about drug users discarding used needles in the park where families, and particularly children, can easily find them.

One resident, Gary Moore, said: “I appreciate the fact that the town park pond was cleaned relatively recently, prior to it refilling again, but I do wish everybody in this town bothered to respect it.

“I took my son down there after school today. Not only was I constantly chasing away scores of rats but there is a syringe just over the wall on the right-hand side, right near the ducks.

“I’m not sure if the police are aware of the heroin addicts that ‘shoot up’ near the pond or indeed what can be done to assist them.

“It was them who indeed broke the pump, which led to the increase in rats and the appalling state of the pond, initially.

"I’ve struggled with addiction issues and been homeless myself, so I have a fair understanding of what it’s like.

"Assistance needs to be given to these individuals or they should receive an order that bans them from the town park. It would be good to see officers regularly patrol it too."

Trowbridge Town Park has become haven for wildlife, especially now the water has returned to the Town’s Lake attracting ducks, rats and visitors to the area, but it has led to other anti-social issues.

Mr Moore added: “I’m also aware that the ignorant folk will continue to throw their bottles into the pond, as well as the alcoholics, whose broken glass resembled the breadcrumb trail from Hansel and Gretel, from the subway near Tesco Express, to the town park itself.

“The rats can surely be poisoned or culled in some way? If so, this needs to be done as soon as possible.”