A strategy board game invented by a Wiltshire maths teacher has found a new fan - Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The PM was gifted the Prometheus Strategy Game during the Covid-19 pandemic by its inventor Chris Curtis.

The futuristic fast-paced strategy game is already a hit at Number 10, and in 11 countries worldwide and is aiding the wellbeing of children in schools across the UK.

After inventing the Prometheus Strategy Game, Chris Curtis waited seven years to get it patented for fear of others copying his idea.

When he was 22, Mr Curtis was the youngest head maths teacher in post from 1989 at Frome College in Somerset.

Now aged 58, he said: "I am proud to be launching a game into the mainstream that brings people together in a way computer games cannot.

“Prometheus came to me in a dream over seven years ago after the commissioning of a Prometheus hearth sculpture from renowned artist John Robinson.

"When I worked at Frome College, I was given one per cent of £1 million to spend and came across the sculptures of John Robinson at Bangor University.

"It led to a new sculpture for the Prometheus Centre - a mathematics and drama building at Frome College.”

“The idea of the Prometheus game came to me in a dream and is based on the number of corners or vertices of the dynamic play pieces.

"Knowing that Prometheus now takes pride of place at Number 10 Downing Street of course is marvellous but knowing that the game is and will continue to be played and enjoyed across the world is the dream come true.”

Prometheus was launched publicly at The Weaving Shed in Bradford on Avon on Wednesday evening and looks set to become the must-have board game for Christmas.

Since launching it has received instant popularity in schools in countries across the globe, including Stonar Independent School at Atworth.

The game was gifted to Mr Johnson when he was recovering from Covid and was accepted with great enthusiasm as ‘a gift for the nation’.

Prometheus, translated in Greek mythology as ‘forethought’, is easy to learn for seven years old plus and fun to play for all the family.

No two games are the same and games last for around 15-20 minutes – much shorter than many games of chess.

The strategy game has already received many accolades in schools, colleges and universities. It is now regularly being played at Stonar Independent School where it runs alongside the chess club.

Mr Curtis, who now tutors privately, says the game is already proving to have a positive impact on boosting wellbeing as well as overcoming maths anxiety.

Bella (Year 12) said: “Prometheus is an amazing new game that has more complexity to it than draughts and is also more playable than chess. It is easy to learn and tactically intense.”

Aaron (Year 13) said: “Prometheus is a fantastic game! It sharpens your mind and really makes you think! It’s also exceptionally well made. The evolving strategy is exciting with seemingly endless possibilities for problem solving and risk taking. We love it!”

Alfar (Year 12) said: “Prometheus is such creative fun! It’s tactically and strategically more difficult than chess but easier to learn.”

The mainstream version of Prometheus has a RRP of £34.95 and is being made by Cartamundi at their Waterford plant in Ireland alongside the highly popular board games Monopoly and Cluedo.

It is available online and soon to be available via Amazon. The colour deluxe version has a RRP of £199 and the super deluxe version has a RRP of £245.