TROWBRIDGE Town Council is to hold talks with neighbouring parishes to present a "coherent voice" response to Wiltshire Council's Local Plan Review for the area.

The aim is to present a united front to discussions about 3,284 new homes planned for Trowbridge and the surrounding area.

Trowbridge Town Council leader Stewart Palmen said: "As a council we have been looking at Wiltshire Council's Local Plan Review and the plans they are putting forward. It affects not just Trowbridge but also the neighbouring parishes in different ways.

"There is a large amount of building planned for Trowbridge and the Staverton/Hilperton area that we did not expect.

"Rather than putting forward our opinion we thought it would be a good idea to talk to our neighbouring parishes about where some of these houses should be built."

The council has already held talks with parishes in Staverton and Hilperton to the north of Trowbridge five to six weeks ago.

At the council's policy and resources committee on Tuesday, members approved a recommendation that the council arranges further meetings with neighbouring parishes in other areas.

These would include North Bradley, West Ashton, Steeple Ashton, Southwick and Wingfield.

The aim is to identify potential common ground in formulating a response to the Wiltshire Local Plan Review and to consider if there may be potential for a joint neighbourhood plan in the future.

Cllr Palmen added: "I think it would be very useful in terms of a providing a coherent voice and response to Wiltshire Council.

"Wiltshire Council is not necessarily going in the best direction for Trowbridge and the surrounding area."

Currently, there are plans to build 2,385 new homes at Ashton Park, 215 in the West Ashton parish, 260 at Elm Grove/Drynham Lane, 200 in the middle and north sections of the White Horse Business Park, 55 at Church Lane, 50 at Spring Meadows, 284 at Innox Mills, and 50 at Ashton Street.

Up to 423 new homes are planned for the Hilperton Gap, and 180 at Southwick Court, straddling the parishes of Southwick and North Bradley.

Up to 818 new homes are planned to be built in neighbouring parishes, and up to 2,200 new homes have been allocated in Hilperton and Staverton.