HOLBROOK Primary School has unveiled its £2m plans for a new school building.

For decades the Trowbridge school has made use of mobile classerooms but with new plans it could have a state of the art building and all-weather play area for pupils.

Last week, the plans, which will be submitted in December, were unveiled to parents and pupils alike.

The school, if the plans are approved, will see the five classroom mobiles taken away for six new purpose built classrooms

Holdbrook headteacher, Vicki Cottrell told the LDRS: “The new building is going to directly benefit around 180 of our children.

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“The mobile classrooms are old – of them as old as their parents – and I think being in a brand new building will show them that they deserve the best.

“We’ve got to use the whole process as a learning opportunity for the children, and I think if the children are on-board with it from the beginning then they will be proud of it when it’s built.”

A group of Year 1 children were chosen by the teachers to take up special roles in the project.

Those pupils include Jacob (project manager), Scarlett (assistant architect), Olivia (communications and PR), Jessica (artist) and Amelia (interiors).

“I asked their teacher to engineer a couple of activities and to see who he spotted as standing out,” Mrs Cottrell continued.

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“I knew them when they were in reception and Jacob, for example, used to do the most imaginative building and he worked with mechanisms right from an early age.

“Amelia’s so creative and Olivia, who will talk and talk to everybody, is so confident.

“It’s about using those skills and using this as an opportunity for them to see that they can be an architect or a builder or engineer.”

Mrs Cottrell added that she hopes for the building to be built in June 2022 and finished in June 2023.

“There’s six classrooms, offices, the MUGA and it will incorporate the reception and garden area – so there’s a lot of opportunities through this.”

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One parent, Viki Barton who has two children currently at the school, said: “I think it’s exciting for the school community as a whole.”

Children, parents and staff were also treated to a view of the plans virtually thanks to architects Footprint bringing in a VR headset for anyone to get a better glimpse of the proposals.

The school is holding an open day on Thursday, December 2 between 9.30 and 11.30am for parents of prospective pupils to have a look at the school.