Climate action is at the forefront of people’s minds following COP 26, and more conversations are being had about what exactly is being done in the county to create a greener way of living.

The community has been reflecting on the success of the recent Eco Fest which took place on Saturday, November 6 in Calne Town Hall.

Calne Without Parish Councillor Sue Deedigan who is part of various environment action groups organised it all in a bid to help people become more climate conscious.

She said: “It came about from needing to do something about the climate emergency and tying it in with COP 26, so that came from a Calne board discussion.”

Around 350 people attended the event, where there was a variety of stalls which offered the chance for visitors to buy eco-friendly goods and Christmas presents, as well to get more information and talk about sustainability.

Councillor Deedigan added: “COP 26 has brought it to the forefront of people’s minds, but at the same time we’re not really doing enough.”

“However, there is a collection of people from the Calne area that are concerned about the environment.”

“It’s those little conversations going on. So we thought, if we put on a Fest we’ll be able to promote awareness and also be able to produce a space for people in the area that are building sustainable businesses and give them an opportunity to sell their stuff.

"So all the people there selling their stuff from the local area which is brilliant really.”

Tara Castle from Avon Needs Trees said: “Fantastic event bringing together like-minded people and we have had some great conversations about what ANT is doing to improve biodiversity by planting trees and people wanting to get involved and volunteer.”

Vice Chair of CWPC Keith Robbins added: “Brilliant to see the whole community coming together to make this a success. The number of people passing through interacting and having conversations was pleasing to see.”