AN entrepreneur celebrated scooping a top award at her former school in Calne.
St Mary’s decided to act after Celia Pool won a UK Women in Innovation award for her business Dame. 
Celia’s company mission is to make eco-friendly period products.
She has been reforming the industry, making products that use less plastic.
Reflecting on the purple plaque, Celia said: “I hadn’t been back to my school in 21 years, so to come back in that kind of capacity was really surreal and amazing. 
“I’m not going to lie, there was definitely imposter syndrome when I was getting it.”
Discussing Dame, she added: “We’d sleepwalked into a toxic industry. 
“Plastic waste, synthetic ingredients and negative language. The more we looked into it, the more compelled we became to change things.” 
Celia wants to open up the conversation around periods for women and reduce the stigma many of them feel.
“I didn’t really feel much had changed since I was a teenage girl in terms of conversation or product,” she explained. 
“And people were still sticking tampons up their sleeve on a good day. 
“If you go outside this country, you’ve got young girls who are not allowed back in their house for a week when they get their period and they have to sleep outside.” she said. 
“Having a baby made me realise I wanted to do something now that has a bit more purpose, and a bit more meaning. 
She said: “I think that the fact that I have co-founded a company that does innovation and designed world first products… but I was never a designer.
“That is a real indication for people to do stuff which you don’t think is even in your realm. You can think outside the box. 
“There are tools that are available to you today, that you just have to go and reach out for.” 
Head at St Mary’s Dr Felicia Kirk said: “We want our pupils to realise their potential. As they say, you can’t be what you can’t see – this plaque is a reminder to everyone here of what they can achieve if they set their mind to it. We’re delighted to recognise Celia’s achievements and are excited to follow what comes next.”l materials and reducing waste.