Two men from Melksham are among the four to be sentenced following an investigation into large scale cocaine supply.

More than £1 million worth of cocaine was seized in the police operation, as well as cannabis and various weapons.

The South West Regional Organised Crime Unit convicted Robbie Shore, of Williams Close and Connor Forrester, age 25, of Meadow Road, Melksham following a four-week trial at Bristol Crown Court last month.

Alongside them and also sentenced was Aaron Rafique, age 30, of Milner Gardens, Bristol and Aaron Jefferies, 31, of Allington Drive, Bristol, who led the criminal operation.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: "A warrant at a nearby flat on Sangster Avenue led to Shore being arrested and Forrester trying to run away. He discarded what turned out to be £4,000 worth of cocaine as he ran, with £300 worth later found in his pockets.

"A subsequent search of Forrester’s home on Meadow Road, Melksham, led to a further £14,000 worth of cocaine, four mobile phones and scales being seized. Shore was using Forrester’s address to store the drugs in an attempt to avoid being caught."

Shore was sentenced to six-and-a-half-years in prison, and Forrester received a suspended two year sentence and 300 hours community service.

Jefferies has received a nine-and-a-half year sentence for supplying the cocaine and the intent to do so. Additionally, he has also been give an 18-month sentence for conspiracy to supply cannabis, meaning he will go to prison for 11 years.

When his Jaguar was searched, officers also found an imitation firearm, a truncheon, a small lock knife, and a sports bag with three sets of scales and three knives in addition to the cocaine which would have a wholesale value of over £1 million and eight sandwich bags each containing 1oz of cannabis.

Rafique was sentenced to five years and five months after being found guilty of conspiracy to produce cannabis.

Detective Inspector Charlotte Tucker from the SW ROCU said: “This group was organising the supply of cocaine on a commercial scale in Wiltshire and beyond. Aaron Jefferies was top of their group, but we all know the harm going on further down the chain.

"It’s purely about money for them, but for others it’s exploitation, fear, violence and crime-funded drug use. The impact of organised crime is felt by everyone.

“The sentences handed down reflect the level of their involvement in organised crime. We will now continue to work with the CPS to ensure it’s not just their freedom that has been taken away, but also the luxury assets their crime has funded.”

Ann Hampshire from the South West Complex Casework Unit, said: “We supported this successful complex investigation led by our colleagues at the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit.

“The defendants in this case sought to profit from the misery that illegal drugs bring to communities in the South West. We work closely with specialist officers to target, dismantle and disrupt organised crime groups and the sentences imposed today reflect the serious consequences for those engaged in this type of criminality.

“Our work does not end today. We are determined to ensure that any assets that this group acquired through their criminality are confiscated.”