THE air ambulance was forced to abandon a flight because of a laser attack.

A high-intensity light was shone at the Wiltshire helicopter as the crew were attempting to land at Victoria Park in Frome on November 25.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Air Ambulance said: “This was a night training flight which had to be aborted. However had this been a incident it would have delayed/prevented the crew from getting to the scene.”

This is the first laser attack on the non-profit in 2021, but they were subjected to four similar attacks last year.

Events like this can be extremely hazardous for aircrafts as it causes distraction or temporary flash blindness to a pilot, during a critical phase of flight.

Pointing a laser at an aircraft has resulted in arrests, trials and jail sentences in the past. It is considered a criminal offence and can warrant up to five years in prison and an unlimited fine.

Wiltshire Air Ambulance is appealing for anyone who saw the incident or has any information to come forward and contact the Police on 101.