Trowbridge Town Council refused to forcibly move on a homeless man who set up his tent in the centre of town over the weekend, despite complaints.

Instead it provided the man with some food and advised he find somewhere 'less central.'

However the council has reassured the public it is aware of the situation and is attempting to find him a 'more suitable home.'

Trowbridge Town Council neighbourhood services posted on Facebook: "We noticed this tent when setting up for the The Weavers Market. Wiltshire Council is aware.

"I am hoping we can find a more suitable home for the individual involved ASAP.

"We are aware of the homeless gentleman sleeping in the park, we have given him coffee and a sandwich and advised him to speak to the wiltshire council homeless/housing team.

"At the moment his tent is the only safe place he has and against the wishes of some members of the public, we will not be removing it but have advised that he does find somewhere a little less central."