Vandals cut through the safety rail in the stairwell and cut two fire doors in half at the multi-storey car park in Trowbridge, forcing two floors to close in the busy run-up to Christmas. 

Last week the top rail of the balustrade in the stairwell on the top floor of the multi-storey was removed, in a repeated attack.

Wiltshire Council contractors carried out the latest repair work on Friday (December 10).

Wiltshire Times: Castle Place multi-storey in Trowbridge Photo: Trevor PorterCastle Place multi-storey in Trowbridge Photo: Trevor Porter

Dr Mark McClelland, cabinet member for street scene said: “Unfortunately, over the weekend vandals have done further damage, removing all of the balustrade railings, two fire doors which have been chopped in half and damaged the metal shutter door connecting the car park to Castle Place leisure centre."

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Trowbridge Town Council’s neighbour services team confirmed that the damage was done on levels 5a and 6a. 

This has forced the closure of the two affected floors in the run up to the busiest shopping period of the year. 

On Facebook the service posted: “Please be careful on level 5a and 6a of the multi-storey. 

“Overnight someone has cut the safety barriers and the doors off and thrown them over the side.” 

“For safety reasons we have had to close off the top two levels of car park until repairs can be carried out,” Cllr McClelland continued. 

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“We regret having to reduce the number of parking spaces available in the car park and recognise that this is bad timing for Trowbridge town centre, occurring just two weeks before Christmas. 

“To ensure that retails and shoppers are not impacted we have decided to make the councils staff car park in Bythesea Road available free of charge until the repairs can be carried out. 

“The car park is currently available for the public to use on Saturdays and Sundays but we are now making it available on week days until the repairs to the multi storey are complete.”