Christmas themed gifts dominated a market with seasonal soaps, garlands, cards and decorations featuring among the 68 stalls lining the Trowbridge streets, town hall and Emmanuel’s yard in Trowbridge.

The town’s Weavers Market has been running once a month from May, with Saturday’s event being the last of the year.

A number of businesses here have been born out of lockdown in the earlier part of the year.

Ian Rayner a designer and musician from Bowerhill found his income disappeared and had to rethink his business idea.

He said: ”I was sat in my kitchen just looking out of the window when I watched a Robin searching for food and hit on the idea of making a robin nesting box. I made one and then my neighbours asked me to make them one and this led me to making other items, so my Bird and Bat Art business idea was born.”

Leanne Fletcher was also trying her hand at wreath making which has now snowballed into her own business.

She was demonstrating her newfound skills inside the town hall with visitors watching as she constructed a wreath.

Lockdown also sparked an idea for Trowbridge Student Kay Raes.

She said: “ Stuck at home I started making some table displays and this gave me my ideas for my craft business, and I am now busy making festive displays

Meanwhile, Warminster’s Cathryn Orchard thought up her business idea of handwritten quotes on fallen leaves protected in glass.

Chairman Stewart Palmen said: “The market has been a real success for the town. It offers visitors a fantastic range of unique handmade products, food, drink and entertainment for people of all ages.”