If PM had a shred of decency he would go

I always thought the state control over individual preference by introducing draconian laws during the Covid panic demic were a step too far regarding our democratic right of free choice. However I complied with the rules and received my three jabs.

Standing at my best mate's funeral with another eleven people instead of a packed crematorium, no social event in his memory after the funeral. Walking past the closed doors with my dog, of my escape from reality - few pints at the weekend with my mates in our local Coleview community centre.

I could not contemplate the feelings of the people who had to look through glass windows at their relations with dementia, having nursed my wife at home with that problem before she passed away two years before the Covid nightmare.

In the meantime the people who were on a daily basis on national TV terrifying the British public with their nightmare scenarios about Covid believed their propaganda so much that many of them personally ignored it.

Or am I missing something? If the Bullingdon Buffoon had a shred of decency he would resign before the men in grey suits give him an offer he can't refuse.

Bill Williams

Merlin Way


Unedifying saga of the entitled and hypocritical

The latest drinks party in the Downing Street garden, reportedly attended by both Boris Johnson and his future wife Carrie Symonds when everyone else in the country was in strict lockdown, is absolutely typical of the double standards and hypocrisy of this government and Tory MPs.

It is truly remarkable that Tory MPs are apparently able to keep two seemingly contradictory ideas in their heads at the same time. On the one hand they have refused to wear masks in the House of Commons and complained about the way that Covid regulations constrain their “liberty” and limit their freedoms.

Yet on the other hand they support Home Secretary Priti Patel’s draconian legislation that would greatly restrict peaceful protest and give the police greater powers.

So yet again the government are making clear that in their view, there is one rule for them and another for everyone else. That they are entitled and above the law. Freedom for them and restrictions for everybody else.

Their “freedoms” are what is important to them, the rest of us can go hang!

The whole unedifying Owen Paterson saga where Boris Johnson and his subservient Tory minions sought to control the whole judgement process on abuse of power to suit their own interests was absolutely typical.

The British people are growing to realise that frequently Boris Johnson uses a convenient “crisis” to distract attention from his sleaze and corruption, often when Tory “freedoms” are seen as providing another way to further entitlement and wealth.

Another sleaze outbreak appears in the media and we then have endure yet another lecture from Johnson from lectern on why everyone must obey the rules, just to distract us from his latest entitled debacle!

Andrew Milroy

Bellefield Crescent


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