AN ASSAULT victim says she is “lucky to be alive” after being viciously attacked by a former partner who is now serving more than seven years in prison.

Zhanet Georgiev, 25 was subjected to an unprovoked attack by Joshua James, 25, on February 21 last year, while he was on police bail for a previous assault on a man in Trowbridge.

The thug, who comes from Holt, repeatedly punched her in the face and body, breaking her nose and leaving her scarred for life.

Miss Georgiev, of Fivehead near Taunton, said: “I am lucky to be alive and have not had a decent night’s sleep since the incident.

“Joshua dragged me into the living room and threw me onto the sofa, he began repeatedly punching me in the face and hitting me all across my body.

“I feared for my life and begged him to stop. I felt an ear splitting crunch as he struck me in the middle of my face.

“It was at this point, I began to scream louder for help. I was drenched in blood,” she said.

Wiltshire Times: Joshua James was living in Zhanet Georgiey's home when he attacked her Joshua James was living in Zhanet Georgiey's home when he attacked her

The violent attack took place after Miss Georgiev had organised an evening at her parent’s home hosting two of his friends from Wiltshire.

Miss Georgiev told how to her “absolute horror”, James suddenly became abusive and violent as his mood switched, causing his friends to flee.

They asked Miss Georgiev to come with them, telling her that James had previously behaved in that way, but she refused, as that meant leaving him alone in her parent’s home.

After telling her it was “all your fault” he began to trash the downstairs, throwing food, knives, glasses and a laptop, and breaking her work mobile phone.

He was eventually arrested and taken into custody after neighbours heard her screams and called police.

The attack took place while James was awaiting a Swindon Crown Court trial for a vicious assault on a man in Trowbridge on September 26, 2020.

In April 2021, he was sentenced to six years and eight months for a brutal assault on Joseph Beaney in Castle Street which left him with a broken eye socket, which had to be fixed with a plate, as well as other injuries.  

James launched the brutal attack on Mr Beaney in Trowbridge town centre after earlier messaging him on Instagram in a jealous rage – accusing him of “chatting to my baby mum”.

Wiltshire Times: Zhanet Georgiey before the attack changed her lifeZhanet Georgiey before the attack changed her life

James has just had a further ten months added to his prison sentence for the assault on Miss Georgiev.

At Taunton Crown Court on January 7, he pleaded guilty to assault causing ABH and to criminal damage. He was given an indefinite restraining order and told to pay £156 in costs. 

Miss Georgiev had met James through the Tinder dating website in October 2020 and said she had found him attractive. Unemployed James eventually moved in with her family after telling her he was homeless.

Since the assault, she has suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and says she now has issues trusting men.

“My self-confidence has absolutely shattered. I am struggling to make meaningful connections with people around me in the fear I will be hurt again, both physically and emotionally.”

Wiltshire Times: Zhanet Georgiey after the attackZhanet Georgiey after the attack

She said the attack on February 21 was not the first time James had been violent towards her. “On February 14, he grabbed me by my hair and smashed me into my bedroom wall whilst screaming into face. 

“I was terrified and heartbroken, but I was stuck, as he legally had to live with me due to the fact that he was waiting to go to court for a separate assault on someone else.

“I felt as though I had no choice but to continue the relationship and give him a place to live.”

Warning other women not to tolerate domestic abuse, she said: “He could go from being violent and full of rage to acting as though he was very sweet in a matter of moments.

“I never knew where I stood with him.”