A TROWBRIDGE councillor has put forward a motion inspired by the classic BBC2 TV political satire ‘Yes Minister’ to curb town council spending without accountability.

Cllr Daniel Cave has been very critical of the way previous and the current Trowbridge Council operates its finances after being elected in May last year to represent Trowbridge Park for Wiltshire and Trowbridge Council.

Cllr Cave added: “I was elected less than a year ago and it shocks me how the council can spend millions on a project, with no real way of the public being able to assess if the project was successful.

“For example, Trowbridge Council’s Civic Centre loses over £200,000 a year which falls upon the taxpayer to cover.

Wiltshire Times:

"Depending on who you ask, depends on if it was a success or failure.”

As a result, he has put forward a motion for discussion at the next full council meeting on May 17, inspired by an episode of ‘Yes Minister’, the TV sitcom written by Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn.

He says that if approved, it will enable the public to effectively hold the council accountable for the success or failure of a project.

Cllr Cave’s motion comes as Trowbridge Town Council is about to make a final decision on whether to apply to the Public Works Loan Board to borrow up to £3.9 million for its controversial 3G Artificial Turf Pitch project on land next to Doric Park at Hilperton.

If the council decides to go ahead with the application, the project could end up costing £7.54 million when interest rates and repayments are taken into account.

Based on the latest information from the Government’s Treasury department, this equates to an annual repayment, including interest, of £150,804 over a 50-year term at an interest rate of 2.99 per cent.

“Cllr Cave added: “I am bringing forward this motion that means if the council or any council representative puts forward a project then they must clearly state their success and failure standards in a statement for the public, which will then be assessed after the project is finished thus not creating any red tape or delaying the project.

“For example, an outcome for Doric Park 3G pitch could be that a new Trowbridge children’s football team is created, allowing more children in Trowbridge to participate in sport.

“Clear success and failure standards should be a requirement for any organisation spending taxpayer’s money. A vote against this, is a vote against transparency and accountability.”