RSPB has teamed up with local housebuilders Barratt David Wilson Homes to urge people in Wiltshire to nurture wildlife more.

The mission is to get everyone to join the ‘wildlife-planting revolution.’ It comes after a YouGov survey revealed that three quarters of people are now doing at least something in their garden or outside space to help wildlife (with 19% trying a lot, 30% trying a fair amount, and 26% trying a little).

Many previously familiar garden species are in decline according to the charity.

Starling numbers have fallen by two-thirds in Britain since the mid-1970s, for example, with populations of half of our bumblebee species falling, and hedgehog numbers crashing from 30 million to an estimated one million since the 1950s across England, Wales, and Scotland.

Adrian Thomas, the RSPB’s wildlife gardening expert, said: “I’m thrilled to hear how many people are now taking steps to help wildlife in their gardens and outdoor spaces. It feels like a movement is underway in which people are recognising that our gardens can be wonderful, shared spaces for us and for wildlife, to the benefit of all.

The survey also showed the potential for even more people to take up action and welcome wildlife into their gardens.