Temperatures are set to reach up to 20 °C in Wiltshire this weekend, as a mini-heatwave hits the UK.

The Met Office is predicting it to be dry and sunny through much of Saturday.

It will feel warm in the sunshine with lighter winds than of late, with clouds increasing from late afternoon with a risk of heavy showers.

Marco Petagna at the Met Office said: “Drier spells are also likely, particularly in the south, as is typical for late spring.

“Temperatures will continue to be above average, especially in the south where it could be very warm early in the period. Further north a return to near-normal conditions is possible later in the month.”

If you’re keen to get out and about and enjoy the sun safely, look no further, as we’ve been digging around with the help of our readers to come up with the best ways to make the warm weekend in Wiltshire.

Picnic in Bradford-on-Avon

Wiltshire Times:

With everyone aware of how busy Bradford-on-Avon can get when the sun is shining, the thought of finding somewhere quiet to grab lunch might seem like a daunting prospect, so why not prepare your favourite foods at home, and find a bench outdoors to take in the scenery?

Enjoy Swindon’s Town Gardens

Wiltshire Times: Town Gardens. Picture: Dave Cox.Town Gardens. Picture: Dave Cox.

Town Gardens in Swindon is a popular choice among the town’s residents and is the perfect place to catch some rays and snap some Instagram-worthy photos in the sun.

There are also plenty of shaded spots so you don’t have to risk being in the heat for too long.

The gardens were laid out as a public space in the late-19th and early-20th centuries on the site of old stone quarries, so you can truly feel a little as though you’re stepping back in time as you take in the Victorian feel.

Explore the Cotswold Lakes

Wiltshire Times: Cotswold Water Park - www.waterpark.orgCotswold Water Park - www.waterpark.org

The Cotswold Lakes are a fabulous choice if you’re looking to be by the water.

They certainly have something for everyone, offering a host of leisure of activities- perfect if you’re the water sports type, or what to become more adventurous.

Or if you prefer to take things slower, you can simply take a stroll and admire the views, as well as spot the wildlife in different corners of the wetlands.

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