A WILTSHIRE-based games developer is appealing for £10,000 to promote his latest video game and to establish a professional games development studio in Chippenham.

Software developer Zbigniew Kajota, who is known as Ziggy, said he and his international team have spent the past two months trying to raise funds.

Their video games publisher in China is investing £24,000 to promote their new video game Citizens Far Lands when it is released in July but the team is trying to raise £10,000.

Mr Kajota, 28, of Savoy Court in Calne, said: “Two thousand pounds would be good but £10,000 would be amazing.

“Our goal is to set up a professional games development studio in the local area, and hopefully in the future, work with Wiltshire College, where I studied games development before I went into university.

“There is only one problem. We've had absolutely zero funding and money for any promotional campaigns or marketing. Video games live and die by marketing.

“Some small development studios sometimes get lucky and have a streamer who shows their game to the world, or an article is written in a gaming magazine, and the wheels start turning.

"We've had no such luck, and nor did we have funding to promote the game so that said streamers or content creators could be exposed to it."

Mr Kajota's team includes two developers in Poland and one in Italy.

Their video game  is a blend between turn-based city builder and a puzzle for strategy masterminds.

Players aim to build a thriving settlement, extract and process resources and manage a population by catering to their needs, thus allowing them to build bigger and better.

Mr Kajota added: “Our product is of a high standard, and we've signed a deal with a publisher in China, so we're going global.

“If this works, we could see the company expand and become the first professional local games development studio, offering jobs and training to local students.

“I am working as hard as I can to make it a success, but in truth I really need a boost, without which I'm afraid our game could flop. In this business, exposure is everything.

“This is why your help is so important. Games companies make money globally - it's great for the local economy.”

To help, contact Mr Kajota via his Twitter account @redkardevs. You can see his game on Steam by clicking here.