SWINDON Town fans have been left bemused by the seemingly slow reaction of the Football Association and police following fan violence after their play-off semi-final.

The bitter end to Swindon’s season in their penalties defeat to Port Vale in the play-off semi-final was quickly overshadowed by the actions of some of the home fans as they entered the field of play.

Mandela Egbo was left with a cut on his face as Town players were attacked by pitch invading fans, but the comparative inaction of police has left Swindon fans frustrated.

Following Manchester City’s Premier League title win fans also invaded the pitch, causing damage to the goalposts and Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen was targeted by City fans.

Greater Manchester Police were quick to respond to the incident and have this morning announced two people have been charged with offences relating to the pitch invasion and enquiries are ongoing into the attack on Olsen.

But Swindon continues to wait for a similar response to their own incident, with action yet to be taken by either the FA or Staffordshire Police since acknowledging the incident in the immediate aftermath four days ago.

Swindon fans on social media have demonstrated their confusion that such an announcement has not yet been made by police in regards to a similar incident on Thursday night.

Matt Anderson took to Twitter to say: “Arrests made a day after trouble at an Premier League game but 4 days after Swindon Town players are attacked (on a pitch), nothing from the EFL (FA)?

“Given the utter incompetence of the officiating during matches, I'm not surprised the EFL (FA) doesn't function off it either.”

@juttystfc added: “Mental. Port vale saying 12,000 tickets sold so nothing’s happening before Wembley. So the lesson here is break the law and you can still go on your big day out.”

At present there has been no punishment imparted by either the FA or the Premier League to any of the clubs involved in recent pitch invasions including Nottingham Forest, Everton, Port Vale, and Manchester City and it remains to be seen whether either body will choose to take such actions.

@RoadOkus suggested a potential punishment for the club, tweeting: “The simple answer is that Forest, Port Vale, Everton and Man City play their next 5/10 home games with no fans.

“Clear message this will hit you financially and fans know if you do it this will happen.”