THE Liberal Democrat leader of Trowbridge Town Council today defended its response to the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

The council put up “patriotic bunting” in the town centre and Trowbridge Chamber of Commerce encouraged businesses to put out floral displays.

But some residents said they were “appalled” the council had failed to organise celebratory events in contrast to neighbouring towns such as Bradford on Avon, Warminster and Westbury.

Councillor Stewart Palmen, who says he is a ‘republican’, said the council had received “little demand” for organised events so had decided to adopt a supportive strategy.

He added: “Trowbridge Town Council strategy was to support local groups, helping with road closures and with other resources where we could.

“A good example of this was the Jubilee celebration in Paxcroft on Friday. In the town centre, we also put up patriotic bunting.”

Cllr Palmen posted a straw poll on social media to find out whether residents support the continuation of the monarchy after the Queen dies.

Up to 92 people responded, with 79 per cent supporting the continuation of the monarchy, and 21 per cent saying it should be abolished.

Celebrations in Trowbridge were largely organised by individuals and community groups rather than the council – and some said the county town deserves better.

Former mayor Linda Self added: “As a former mayor of the county town of Wiltshire Trowbridge. I feel let down and appalled at the complete lack of council (be it town or county) organised events over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

“An example being Thursday June 2nd at 2pm, across the nation and Commonwealth a cry was made for her official birthday.

“Our town crier Trevor Heeks even though he was unwell still turned up and cried in the centre of Trowbridge with not a single town or county councillor in attendance.

“All the other towns in the county held events throughout this jubilee, but Trowbridge nothing."

Linda also said that a lot of people had spoken to her to tell her they felt let down.

Michael Williams MBE, said: “Neighbouring towns and villages, along with various street celebrations through the county, were held over the four days.

“However, there was a noticeable absence in our county town, of any organised celebration by the town council in facilitating an event for the townsfolk of Trowbridge.

“It was both disappointing, and a shame, that unfortunately this unique celebration was missed and is unlikely to be seen again for a generation.”