A man from Trowbridge has been banned from West Ham United FC for three years following an alleged incident of "violence and disorder".

Shane Flexon, of College Road in Trowbridge, has been banned from any football matches involving West Ham Football Club played at London Stadium (or any future ground registered as the home of West Ham).

This ban also applies when the England national team are playing at Wembley Stadium.

This comes after Flexon allegedly caused or contributed to violence or disorder relating to football. Mr Flexon was not been prosecuted for the alleged offence. 

The 35-year-old went to Uxbridge Magistrates' Court on March 9, where a football banning order was granted since there were "reasonable grounds to believe that making a banning order against him would prevent violence or disorder at or in connection with any regulated football matches".

Because of this, Flexon is not allowed to attend any home or away game where West Ham is playing.

He is also banned from entering any town, city, or London borough within a two-mile radius in which an away match involving West Ham is being played during a period beginning four hours before the advertised kick-off time and ending four hours after the conclusion of the match. 

The only circumstances which would qualify for exceptions would be any purposes of employment.

This ban will be in place for three years.