Trowbridge Town Council has expressed “regret” after being strongly criticised by residents who were disappointed it did not organise more events for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Locals said the council’s failure to organise a whole town celebratory event was an “absolute disgrace” and that the county town deserves better.

In a statement, the council said: “Councillors expressed regret and acknowledged that a number of residents felt let down that the town council did not organise a whole town event in the town centre during the bank holiday weekend.”

But some residents said they were “appalled” the council had failed to organise celebratory events unlike neighbouring towns such as Bradford on Avon, Warminster and Westbury.

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The town’s local MP, Dr Andrew Murrison, also waded into the row, saying: “I know Trowbridge. Seems the town council doesn’t. Residents won’t be impressed.

“On their behalf, loud and clear, God Bless Your Majesty. A big thank you from Wiltshire’s county town for 70 years incredible service to our country.”

In its defence, the council said it had put up “patriotic bunting” in the town centre and had offered support to street parties and other “successful celebration events” organised by individuals and local community groups.

It also organised a ‘community engagement’ picnic in the town park for schools on Tuesday (June 7) with a cherry tree planting and a time capsule burial to commemorate the historic Jubilee.

Cllr Stewart Palmen, the town council’s Liberal Democrat leader, who says he is a ‘republican’, said they had received “little demand” for organised events.

He added: “Trowbridge Town Council strategy was to support local groups, helping with road closures and with other resources where we could.

“A good example of this was the Jubilee celebration in Paxcroft on Friday. In the town centre we also put up patriotic bunting.”

Former mayor Linda Self said: “As a former mayor of the county town of Wiltshire Trowbridge, I feel let down and appalled at complete lack of council (be it town or county) organised events over the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

“An example being Thursday June 2nd at 2pm, across the nation and Commonwealth a cry was made for her official birthday.

“Our town crier Trevor Heeks, even though he was unwell, still turned up and cried in the centre of Trowbridge with not a single town or county councillor in attendance.

“All the other towns in the county held events throughout this jubilee, but Trowbridge nothing.

“A lot of people who have spoken to me feel let down with nothing going on to celebrate a momentous occasion.”