STAFF working at the Trowbridge Health Centre are leaving work to find abusive notes on their windscreens, side lights ripped out and their cars keyed down the sides.

The notes are being left and the criminal damage is allegedly being caused by some irate and angry residents living on the Seymour estate.

They are fed up with the NHS staff parking their vehicles on the roads outside their homes – even though they are legally allowed to do so.

In a post on social media, a member of staff said: “For all the residents living around the Trowbridge Health Centre, unfortunately, the NHS receptionists are not allowed to park in the car park.

“They are told that they must park on the surrounding public roads. They will get a parking ticket if they park in the car park.

“These roads that they park on are public roads, they are free to be parked on. They do not belong to you just because it is outside of your house."

They added:"The level of abuse and criminal damage that is happening to these NHS workers is frankly disgusting.

“Cars being keyed, side lights being ripped out and notes being left on cars saying they can’t park there, which they absolutely are entitled to.

“So, I would suggest you stop causing criminal damage, we know who did it today and it has been reported to the relevant people.

“They are just trying to go to work and answer the phones when you need to see a doctor.”

The Trowbridge Health Centre was asked to comment but did not respond.

Staff used to park on Seymour Road when the health centre was first built in Hammersmith Fields.

They were soon asked to park elsewhere as it was deemed too dangerous because drivers emerging from side roads complained they could not see round parked cars.

Councillor Edward Kirk, the town council member for Adcroft ward, has suggested the NHS staff use the Upper Broad Street Crescent car park, which has a low occupancy rate.

Cllr Dr Mark McClelland, Wiltshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport, said, “We recognise that key workers play a vital role in supporting vital communities.

“Free parking for NHS staff was introduced by the government during the pandemic, however last year they decided that this should end as we learn to live with the virus.

“Season tickets are available to purchase, which would offer a large saving compared to an all-day tariff.”