PLANS for a new village pond in Westwood have been sunk on safety grounds.

Westwood Parish councillors have said ‘no’ to a proposal made at the annual village meeting in May.

Local residents have suggested the village pond could be located in the grounds of Westwood park.

They wanted to build a pond 5.8 metres long and 3.5m wide, with a raised edge to indicate its boundaries.

Locals said the pond could be oval or kidney-shaped, and suggested a depth of 50 centimetres tapering up to 20cms at the edges.

They wanted to locate it between some grass humps in the park and said they hoped to obtain a grant of up to £500 from Wessex Water to help build it.

But Westwood Parish Council sank the proposal on safety grounds at its meeting on Tuesday, June 13 saying it could be too dangerous for small children.

Campaigners will now have to rethink their ideas and come back with a new suggestion.

The village already has a dew pond on the National Trust fields close to the St Mary the Virgin Church and Westwood Manor.