A Trowbridge couple have been forced to seek help from Wiltshire Citizens Advice centre after failing to get through to electricity supplier SSE to obtain a £475 refund.

Ken and Corina Watts, of Westfield Road, say they are owed the money after finding they were in credit after refurbishing a flat after the former tenant had vacated the Francis Street property.

The energy account is in Mrs Watts’ name and she says they have tried to contact Scottish & Southern Electricity up to seven times to cancel the account and to ask for a refund.

Mr Watts, 55, who works as a warehouse operative in Calne, said: “We have been going round and round in circles and getting nowhere.

“We contacted them several times for the same situation: we had a contract with them from February 25 2022 when our ex-tenants left.

“We refurbished the flat so on May 10 we took a final reading as our new tenant moved in on May 13.

“We called SSE on May 13 for the first time to cancel the account. They owe us over £475. We have recorded the conversation with them for at least four times.

“We called the Citizens Advice for help and they have told us what steps to take. At some point, we need to make an official complaint. We tried today three times and every time we were cut off.”

Mrs Watts, 56, who works as a carer, said they had built up the £475 credit while refurbishing the two-bedroomed flat for the next tenant to move in.

“We called on May 10, and again on May 14, May 25, June 17, June 23, July 4 and July 7. Each time we are going round and round and have been cut off at least three times.

“It makes me very angry because I come home from 10pm from working my shifts and then have to start calling them. I am not allowed to use a phone at work.”

A spokesperson for SSE said: “The property is connected via a domestic supply with SSE Energy Services.

“SSE Energy Services is a brand that is now wholly owned by OVO Energy. SSE as a company no longer supplies electricity and gas to home-owners, we only supply to businesses.