TWO Conservative councillors have been elected to the top positions on Wiltshire Council’s Trowbridge area board.

Cllr Daniel Cave has become the new chairman of Trowbridge Area Board and Cllr Antonio Piazza is the new Vice-Chairman.

They were elected at the meeting on Thursday, July 7.

Cllr Cave said: “I look forward to the year ahead in this role. I was very lucky to have been elected Chair of Trowbridge Area Board by my Wiltshire Council peers.

“The Area Board is a fantastic opportunity to improve our local community by awarding grants to local support groups who need it to continue providing for the town and villages.

“I will ensure that all councillors on the board are collaborating with the officers and the groups to reach every community in our area. 

“Everyone has been impacted by the cost-of-living crisis, so it is important we look at groups that can help with this.

“We will also be working closely and holding accountable the police, the Police & Crime Commissioner and also Wiltshire Council’s leisure team, to make sure the new £25 million leisure centre is delivered and in the residents best interests.”

Cllr Piazza said: “I hope to be continuing the priorities set out in 2021/22 but would like to personally focus on supporting low-income individuals and families in this role and hope to elaborate more on how we can help in Trowbridge by the end of the month.

“Much of this will be achieved through connecting with local support groups, ensuring the grant funding pot of approximately £72,000 is allocated wisely.

“I hope to also support local capital investment in Trowbridge, propelling economic growth, with the £25m Leisure Centre spearheading our campaign to turbocharge the local economy, making us a county town to be proud of.

“The Leisure Centre will be coming to cabinet by the end of the year (Autumn), where a location will be chosen, which could make or break the project.

“It is imperative that cabinet get this decision right and as Vice-Chairman I hope to influence them based on what you want for Trowbridge and, most importantly, scrutinise them heavily, because if they do not get it right then they will certainly know.”


The other members of the Trowbridge Area Board are Cllr Ernie Clark, Cllr Mel Jacob, Cllr Edward Kirk, Cllr Stewart Palmen, Cllr Horace Prickett, Cllr Jo Trigg and Cllr David Vigar.