A Wiltshire landlord paid out £30k in repairs following fears her nightmare tenant would "blow up the house".

Kathy Miller, aged 60, has been a landlord for more than 30 years, but says the tenant she dealt with last year was the worst she has ever encountered.

She paid for the renovation of 40a Eastbourne Road, Trowbridge, without any financial help from her insurance, since she wanted to avoid paying a higher premium.

Wiltshire Police classified the incident as a civil complaint after deciding there "wasn't enough evidence for a realistic criminal conviction".

Kathy told the Journal that she felt "helpless" and claims Wiltshire Police "totally failed" her.

She claims the force advised her to visit the tenant, and that he was in possession of a hammer and had a problem with her.

Frightened for her own safety, Kathy said: "The system that should be there for protection is non-existent."

Kathy didn't receive rent from the tenant for months, but the cost wasn't just financial.

With fears the tenant would "blow up the house", she added: "It's cost me my mental health. It's very stressful dealing with a tenant like this."

Wiltshire Times: The tenant allegedly ripped out the outside electrical unit with a pair of garden shearsThe tenant allegedly ripped out the outside electrical unit with a pair of garden shears

Neighbours adjacent to 40a were also affected by the actions of the tenant.

One said they were "subject to constant fear".

In a letter to Kathy, a mother-of-two said the tenant had put glass and a used toilet brush through her letterbox and drawn a swastika on her front door.

The letter read: "[The tenant] smashes things and burns them all through the day and hours of the night.

"We should not have to be subjected to this and it is affecting my family's wellbeing."

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "We have carried out extensive enquiries, including taking a statement from the reporting person and interviewing the suspect.

"However, following a review by an inspector and consultation with the relevant legislation, a decision was made that there was not enough evidence for a realistic conviction for a criminal case.

"We have made numerous attempts to contact the reporting person to discuss this decision and explain the rationale, and would be happy to have that conversation with her.

"However, if anyone is unhappy with the service they have received then they are able to pursue a complaint via the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner."

Kathy used a Section 21 notice to eventually evict the tenant, but she is worried that if the Section 21 notice is removed, more problems will arise.

She said: "I don't think many landlords get support in this area. The government needs to ensure police are very active in the area but it won't happen due to limited resources."

Upon filing a complaint to the police and crime commissioner expressing her dissatisfaction with Wiltshire Police, the service "decided to take no further action".